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St. Michael School 33th Annual Speech Contest - 2017


WHAT: It is a speech contest consisting of talks before the class and public. Students may memorize a poem, story, fable, or their own material, etc.

WHO: The 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade students participate. All students are required to participate since it is considered part of their Language Arts class.

WHY: The experience helps to develop the State L.A. Standard #7 - Organization and Delivery of Oral Communication.

PRIZES: There is a plaque for the winner and medals are awarded to the finalists.

GENERAL RULES: Students may speak on any appropriate subject they choose that is approved by the teacher and principal. The talks must be given from memory. A copy of the material chosen is to be given to the teacher on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 before the first round. The first and second rounds are given in the classrooms and are not open to parents and/or visitors. The semifinals and finals are given in front of an assembly and are open to parents and visitors. If a student is sick or on vacation, speeches will be given for a grade, but the student cannot advance to the next round.

FIRST ROUND:. - The student’s talk should be one minute (60 seconds) or longer in length and is given in the classroom before classmates and judges.

SECOND ROUND: . - The students selected for the second round use the same talk as given in the first round, and this talk is also given in the classroom before classmates and judges.

SEMIFINALS: Semifinalists give a copy of the new speech to the teacher but the length of the second speech should be two minutes or longer. The semifinals are held on . Parents & guests are invited to attend.

FINALS: - The same speech material as given in the semifinals is used. The Final Round of the speech contest is at  Parents & guests are invited to attend.

TALKS WILL BE JUDGED ON: A) Volume (must be loud enough); B) Diction (must be clear and understandable); C) Expression (must be natural); D) Overall Impression E) Time

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