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Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 A.M.

A Catholic preschool program strives to provide a creative learning environment for the young child in an atmosphere of Christian love and concern. The preschool program offers time and space for young children to be children, where they are free to play, explore, and imagine. It is designed to meet the needs and interests of young children by fostering emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive develop- ment. Preschool also provides a variety of activities and experiences which will challenge and encourage children to develop at their own pace. The four year old program works to develop social skills as well as kindergarten readiness skills. Preschoolers must be toilet trained.
The program is based upon the following goals:

Spiritual: Social: Intellectual: Emotional: Physical:

To provide a happy and loving environment that nurtures growth, respect for self and others, and an awareness of God’s loving presence. To provide each child the opportunity to act and interact cooperatively with other children.
To provide means and opportunities of learning through basic school readiness skills. To provide each child a happy experience in school in a loving and caring environment. To provide each child the opportunity and means to develop fine and gross motor skills
Curriculum is developed by using multi-sensory activities that enhance the total development of the child. This includes:

Religion: Language: Reading: Writing: Math:Art: Physical Ed: Computers: Free Play:

Readiness is presented through prayer, song, bible stories, and lessons where we learn about God’s wonderful world. Loyola Religion Curriculum Includes the development of listening and speaking skills through active engagement and dialogue during share time, story time, finger plays, puppet shows, games and songs. The children will be introduced to some basic Spanish words.
Focus is on recognizing and identifying upper case and lower case letters out of se- quence. A variety of appropriate activities are used to keep the children’s interest in- cluding singing the alphabet song from memory, children’s literature, games, and art. Tracing and forming upper-case letters. Printing first name.
Includes the understanding of basic shapes, size differences, matching, basic counting from 1-20; with the focus on recognizing numerals 1-20. Count in Spanish 1-10. Houghton Mifflin Math Curriculum A creative experience using clay, play dough, paint, glue, and scissors to develop their fine motor skills.
Gross motor skills are developed through physical activities in the school gym, such as skipping, running, jumping, hopping, catching, throwing, playing simple games and following directions. The children will have the opportunity to use the classroom computers as well as the Smart Board to become more familiar with technology. Age appropriate programs are used to strengthen the foundational skills for kindergarten readiness.
It is a child’s work. They choose various activities of play whether painting, play dough, listening station, store or dress up. They learn to take turns, include others, and clean up after themselves. This fosters the development of respect and responsibility nurturing the children’s self esteem.



8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. (full day)

Religion:    The overall theme is: the world is God’s gift to us, our family and friends are God’s gift to us and God loves us. The students learn how to properly make the Sign of the Cross and learn the Our Father, Angel of God, and the Hail Mary. These prayers are said at different times during the day. We strive to encourage and strengthen each child’s love for God, for others and for learning.
Language Arts:    The Language Arts program used is the MacMillian McGraw-Hill Reading Series. Skills are taught throughout kindergarten that build the foundation for reading readiness. Shared litera- ture reading, decodable stories and leveled reading books help build comprehension skills, teach phon- ics, and high frequency words.
Writing is started with students drawing and writing in journals. Students progressively practice printing words and joining words together to form sentences as appropriate.
Handwriting: The Zaner Bloser style of printing is used throughout the school. Students are taught how to correctly print all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, and the numbers from 0-10.
Math:    Houghton Mifflin - Giving students a thorough introduction to the magic of numbers, shapes, and patterns.
Name, Address, Telephone Number & Shoe Tying:    Parents are encouraged to begin teaching their children their full name before school begins. The students will learn their home telephone number and home address during the school year with the help of the parents.
Birthdays:    If your child has a birthday during the school year, you may bring a treat to share with the other boys and girls. For those students who have a summer birthday, we usually celebrate a “pretend” birthday during the year.
Recess: The students will have 50 minutes of recess daily.
Learning Centers: Students have the opportunity to review academic skills with hands-on activities. Art: Students enjoy painting, cutting, pasting, & coloring in various activities throughout the week.
Music: Student enjoy 30 minutes of class with the music teacher each week. The children learn songs and movement.
Physical Education: This is a 30 minute program taught by the gym teacher each week. The curriculum develops the students large motor skills, such as jumping, throwing, catching, running and perceptual skills.
Computers: This is a 30 minute class each week. Students learn the basic use of computers (ex. turning on and shutting down, and loading software). Students use software to reinforce the curriculum taught in the classroom. Students are introduced to multimedia programs.
Spanish: This is a 30 minute class each week. Students learn colors, and number

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