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Second Grade News

August 11, 2017




went           tell           pet          job         fog         not          tug            hut         tub              bun          fix            has       one         or            see


1.  We went to the beach.

2.  The hut had just one room.

3.  Do you want your hamburger on a bun?



Your child will get their Wednesday test back either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.   The test will have marked what they got wrong and what they have to study to take the same test over on Friday.  They did a spectacular job on Wednesday.  Half the class got  100%. Make sure they study for the Friday test.   When you look at the test you will notice a writing grade at the bottom of the page.  This is one of the papers I take a handwriting grade  for their report card. 



When we have a cool day, the students may wear a sweater that is a cardigan, vest, or pull-over in the colors of navy, red, yellow or white. They may also wear the Navy crew ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL sweatshirt. 

PLEASE PUT THEIR NAMES ON THE TAG INSIDE THE SWEATER OR SWEATSHIRT.  We already have one shirt in the lost and found.



You will notice a reading calendar in this folder.  I’m asking each child to read to someone at home for 15 minutes a day.   Send the past week, Sunday through Saturday to school with your child.  If they read 15 minutes for 5 out of 7 days they will receive a treat.  If they read 5 out of 7 days every week in one month, they will receive a treat. 





We started our Rocket Math. Rocket Math has 40 problems.  When they pass the test in one minute they go to the next level.  After passing Level  Z, they go onto subtraction and must pass Levels A through Z.  Everyone passed Level A, so they received the Level B test.  Please study the facts on the test.  The children will bring their test back to school and we will take the test.  Help your child return the test to school every day so that they can take the test. 



We had a great week.  We have a class full of very good workers.  Thanks for the help on their homework and listening to them read.  

Have a great weekend. 












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