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Second Grade News

October 13, 2017



Fall Break October 16-20.     Have fun!!!      See you Oct. 23.



SPELLING  TEST         OCT. 25  &   27


chop          catch           shape            trash            phone          that         sting     thin           bring           while             place             badge         seven      isn’t



1.  I put an ice pack on the bee sting.

2   I have to wake up early in the morning.

3.  Dad will throw out the trash today.



YEAH!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the food.  Our class ended up donating 135 cans of food.  Your generosity is such a testimony to your love for the Lord Jesus.  From 10 cans last month to 135 this month is just over whelming.  Thank you!!!,   Thank you!!! There are so many in need. God bless you for your sacrifice. Thank you.



On Tuesday we went to Notre Dame for the All Schools Mass with Bishop Rhoades.   It is always extraordinary.  The Purcell Center where ND plays basketball was filled with students from the Catholic Schools in the South Bend area.   It is awesome to see all the students.  Sometimes it is easy to think we are the only Catholic School students.  But after this Mass you get a better idea of how huge the Catholic student community really is.  Ask your child about the Mass. 



For Advent it has been a tradition that each child in our class makes an Advent wreath for his/her  home.  We won’t make this until the last

week of November, but I wanted to give you lots of time to find the supplies that each child will need.  Your child will need to bring:


*1  Styrofoam  circle with a hole in the middle (the size of wreath you     want to lay on your table.)

*Green garland  (the nice soft kind is better)

*Modeling Clay

*3 purple candles

*1 pink candle

*Purple ribbon.

Sometimes it is hard to find the candles.  You may buy all four of them from me for $2.00 if you would like.


Have a great Fall Break!!

God bless.





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