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Band Students- Practice Log is Extra Credit when we return from break- It has to be turned in Tuesday April 11th to count as Extra Credit.  Keep Practicing for Concert- It will be here before we know it!!


4thGrade Recorder Homework:


Standard 4.2.1 Play melodic, rhythmic, and chordal patterns with correct rhythms, tempo, and dynamics by rote reading.

Standard 4.5.1 Read, notate, and perform quarter, dotted quarter, eighth, half, dotted half, sixteenth, and whole notes, and quarter, half and whole rests in duple and triple meters using rhythm syllables.

1.) Practice Ode to Joy

2.) Songs for Belts to get party




5th Grade Homework:


1.) Practice #53, #58

2.)Thor's Hammer

3.) #55 #57



6th Grade Band Homework:

Standard 6.2.1 Play with correct posture, characteristic tone quality, accurate tuning and intonation, good breath support, proper breathing, and correct hand position.

1.) Practice Cheerleader

2.) What a Wonderful World

3.)Cool Kids





**Remember 6th-8th Grade Band Students


to turn in Practice Sheets on Tuesday with


Parent Signature! It is part of your grade.**



7th and 8th Grade Band Homework:


Standard 7.2 Play musical selections with accurate pitch, articulation, and rhythm, and appropriate tempo, dynamics, balance, style, and expression.

1. Practice Cheerleader


2. Star Wars


3. Pirates of the Carribean







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