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St. Michael Catholic School

Tuition 2012-2013


February 7, 2012


Dear Parents,


After consultation with the Parish Finance Council, we have established a tuition increase for the 2012-13 school year of $180 ($1 per day). As in the past, tuition may be paid over a ten month period and is due on the first of each month.


There are 180 days in the school year. For an active Catholic family, that equates to $18.00 a day for one child. What a bargain! You are making the commitment to pass on your Catholic faith to your child/children by making the financial sacrifice to send them to a Catholic school. The parish is helping you by subsidizing every child who attends St. Michael School. The actual cost to educate each student at St. Michael School is more than $6,000. Every family receives tuition subsidy from the parish which covers the difference between the true cost of education and the tuition charged. Some families receive further assistance based upon their need.


Based on our 2010-11 budget, the cost to educate each child is $6,425


2012-13 Tuition Active Catholic                                                                                    Other

The only option for Kindergarten this year is all day.

1 child    $ 6,425.00 with subsidy $3,240                                                 per child            $3,780

2 children $11,243.75 with subsidy $5,670                                   

3 children $14,456.25 with subsidy $7,290                                   



Additional tuition assistance is available and Indiana Choice Vouchers, if applicable



St. Michael Preschool

5 mornings (8 AM-11 AM) $1,500.00


The term ‘Active Catholic’ means those who are registered at St. Michael or another Catholic parish in the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese and attend Mass on a regular basis. This determination is based upon the use of your offertory envelopes, electronic giving, or other visible acts of stewardship. No one is judged by the amount of their giving. What is important is that the family is living their faith supporting their parish.


Information concerning the School Choice program will be made available as soon as it is received from the State.


Questions may be addressed to Fr. Kummer, 936-4935 Miss Nawara, 936-4329, or Mrs. Girres, 936-4935.           


Schools using Choice Vouchers are required to publish the true cost of educating each child.

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